DOST-MIMAROPA provided DOST-FPRDI developed non-wood forest products dryer and one unit of drying chamber to Marabong Community Resources Management Association (MACORMA), an association of Sablayan residents living around Marabong lake, to address the problem on abundance of spider lily in the lake and enhance income opportunities to the community.

Marabong lake is one of the known tourist spots in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. Excess growth of spider lilies has become a concern, covering the water body surface, and reducing the amount of sunray that transcend deep down the aquatic resources underneath.

With the technologies provided, the process of making handicrafts made of spider lily stalks was improved. The drying process of spider lily stalks was shortened from 10-12 days to 4-5 days, which is more than half of the usual drying time. This was complemented with trainings and capacity building activities provided by the local government unit for the association. As a result, MACORMA is now producing various spider-lily based handicraft products like bags, hats, and other tabletop items that they sell directly to customers and in locally organized fairs.

Process of making spider lily handicrafts