MIS Unit provides technical support services in the planning, operation and monitoring of the regional office’s programs and projects; and ensures the establishment and maintenance of its management information systems and system networks from regional office to provincial S&T centers.

• To accelerate regional S&T programs and services by leveraging ICT as “competitive tool”
• To enhance organizational productivity and convergence by adopting technologies relevant to programs, projects, and office divisions
• To build ICT solutions that are highly beneficial to DOST clients
• To maintain, optimize, and update websites, social media accounts and ICT-related projects run by DOST-MIMAROPA
• To serve as internal IT consultant e.g. to check laptops, PCs, routers (local networks) and other devices used in technical and administrative operations
• To accept and deliver ICT related projects, tasks or programs delineated by DOST Central office or in collaboration with regional agency partners


• Information systems development (For SETUP, Admin, etc)
• Technical support
• ICT and e-Governance Technical Consultation
• Next Wave City / ICT Council Organizational Consultation
• MimaropaVentures.ph
• Project HaNDA
• ICT Workshops (Rural Impact Sourcing, Startups, Hackathon, Object Oriented Programming, Mobile Development, User Interface Design, Database etc.)

Contact MIS Unit through : icluster.mimaropa@gmail.com