The MIMAROPA Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RDIC) has set its lofty goals for 2020- 2022 through a Strategic Planning Workshop held last October 3-5, 2019 at Makati City, Metro Manila.

The MIMAROPA RDIC is a special committee of the Regional Development Council (RDC) established to bridge the gap and challenges by ensuring that R&D policy direction and initiatives are aligned to regional development thrusts. The committee conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop to set the direction, strengthen, and systematize the operations of the committee as well as ensure that member-agencies and stakeholders are adjusting to the changing environment and working towards the common goal of fostering an inclusive innovation ecosystem in the region in touch with the actual needs of the public and the industry.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Ma. Josefina Abilay, Chair of MIMAROPA RDIC and Regional Director of DOST-MIMAROPA, inspired the participants to become proactive and work together towards an effective implementation of various projects and programs aimed at promoting the advancement of R&D and technology commercialization.

“MIMAROPA’s growth and development can be achieved when all of us— the scientific community, academe, national government agencies, non-government organizations and community-based organizations—work in partnership, collectively pursuing shared goals. Let us build on one another’s ideas and synergize efforts to make innovation more widely impactful. Let us make a real difference.”. Dr. Abilay said.

An expert in the field of public administration served as the planning-workshop’s resource person. She guided the participants from the formulation of the committee’s mission, vision, and core values, assessment of strengths and witnesses, to outlining the committee’s goals and activities for the next three years – all of which strategically prioritized for maximum impact.

At the end of the workshop, the committee was able to identify three major goals each with specific objectives and programs, projects, and activities to support them.

The identified goals focused on institutionalizing the operations of the RDIC among its member agencies, identifying priority areas based on industry needs, accelerating technology commercialization based from identified priority areas, and building and strengthening human resources for technology commercialization.

A total of 18 participant-members of the MIMAROPA RDIC attended the planning-workshop. Participants are from various institutions including MIMAROPA State Universities and Colleges and Regional Line Agencies.