Provincial S&T Center in Romblon (PSTC-Romblon) together with officials from LGU-Odiongan during the turnover of the dish sterilizer/dryer


The Provincial S&T Center in Romblon (PSTC-Romblon) provided 10 units of dish sanitizers or dryers to LGU-Odiongan as part of the promotion of food safety practices among street food vendors in the municipality. The initiative is part of the collaborative project of the LGU and DOST-MIMAROPA on Food Establishment Inspection and Grading System (FEIGS) which started in 2021. The turnover of the foodware sterilization apparatus was held last June 6, 2022, at the Odiongan Town Hall, Romblon.

The turnover of the dish sanitizer or dryers indicates the first step towards the goal of establishing a food safety-compliant food carts for street vendors in the municipality. The technology will help sterilize kitchen utensils through use of UV light and keep tools from contamination using protective covers. The sanitizers include organizers inside them and a stainless drip tray to keep the dishes dry, tidy, and clean.

Through use of a food grading system, FEIGS encourages food service establishments to be accountable for ensuring that the food prepared and served is safe and will not cause food poisoning outbreaks initiated by unsanitary conditions and practices in the food handling industry. The project also aims to teach consumers in making informed dining decisions by displaying the rating acquired by food establishments during inspections.

Moreover, FEIGS empowers LGUs to institutionalize food safety practices to protect both businesses and consumers by equipping them knowledge on fundamentals of food safety and food and sanitation standards, rules, and laws.

“Napakaganda talaga nitong inisyatibo ng DOST. Hindi na natin tatawaging “Hepa Lane” ang ating mga street vendors dahil hindi lang natin sila tuturuan ng tama at malinis na paraan ng paghahanda ng pagkain, bibigyan pa natin sila ng food-safety compliant carts. Kaya salamat tlga sa DOST-MIMAROPA.” Said Ms. Mary Jude F. Gabat, municipal tourism officer of LGU-Odiongan.