Hassle-free operation of compact and portable tiger grass pollen remover

Various tiger grass post-harvest technologies including a portable tiger grass pollen remover and solar dryer using bamboo connectors were turned over to the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) in San Agustin and Calatrava in Romblon province last February 24, 2022. The technologies were received by the municipalities’ respective municipal agriculturists to represent the luway (tiger grass) farmer-beneficiaries.

Municipalities of San Agustin and Calatrava are the major producers of tiger grass in the province of Romblon. Tiger grass is known to be a good material for soft brooms. Since it is easy to grow, many are encouraged in the production of tiger grass as a source of income.

These technologies are products of an R&D collaboration between Romblon State University (RSU) and DOST-MIMAROPA. It intends to address the challenges faced by farmers and manufacturers in drying and removing pollens from tiger grass to hasten and improve the production of the soft broom. Farmers’ common practice of drying tiger grass along roadways has compromised its quality and price. If not properly dried, tiger grass becomes infested with fungus which causes discoloration and low market price. 

The portable pollen grass remover aims to eliminate manual removal of pollens from tiger grass. The tiger grass dryers made from bamboo connectors will allow farmers access to low-cost drying equipment that can be moved around and carried wherever and whenever for a much safer, easier, and more accessible drying process. The use of bamboo, which is abundant in the province, makes the equipment more accessible and friendly to the environment. Bamboo and bamboo connectors are also considered as an excellent structural material as it creates more versatile designs and much lighter equipment.

These technologies can also be operated by people of all gender, including children. Intellectual Property Rights for the said technologies are already applied for registration. 

Tiger grass dryer with bamboo connectors for portability and ease of installation

A total of 34 tiger grass farmers from San Agustin and 20 farmers from Calatrava are expected to benefit from these technologies. To ensure that the technologies are maximized according to its application, the farmers beneficiaries underwent a training on the proper operation, handling, and maintenance of the technologies.

This activity is a follow through of the training cum roll out of tiger grass pollen remover and soft broom to tiger grass farmers in San Andres, Romblon last December 10, 2021.