DOST-MIMAROPA, as lead organizer of the pre-start-up capacity building program “Transforming R&D Outputs into Innovations through Technopreneurship and Customer Validation” or TransDI organized a virtual five-day Patent Search and Patent Drafting Workshop for identified TransDI participants and Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) member institutions last July 25-29 to educate researchers and innovators on protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The workshop focuses on capacitating the participants to effectively protect their IPR through proper preparation of patent specifications and claims. The activity is in connection to assisting TransDI participants, who are winners of DOST’s Regional Invention Contents and Exhibits (RICE), in filing their technologies for IP.

The activity consisted of lectures and hands-on activities to include patent search report, invention spotting matrix, drafting of claims, and drafting the whole patent specifications of respective technologies. Experts from the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and the Intellectual Property Management Office of the Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) facilitated the training.

On the first day, participants were introduced to the importance of patent information and patent documents. Patent experts also discussed patent search strategies and various free patent databases that can be used. It was followed by invention spotting matrix on the second day and drafting of claims according to the rules and guidelines of patent drafting on the third day. Drafted claims by the participants were enhanced with the assistance of the resource persons in accordance with the formality requirement of the IPOHL during the fourth day. The last day was highlighted by the presentation of the whole IP application including the technical specifications, description, and abstract.

The Patent Search and Patent Drafting Workshop had a total of 56 participants comprised of TransDI participants, MIMAROPA RRDIC member institutions, DOST personnel, and other key personnel endorsed by DOST Regional Offices from across the country.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the organizer and speakers in the recently conducted patent search and drafting workshop… I really learned a lot. Before what I can do were just utility models, this time I am confident that I can already draft patents of food products we had innovated and developed, because of the mentoring of our talented lecturers”. Said one of the participants, Ms. Anabella Valdez, professor and research facilitator from Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State College in Ilocos.