Through process standardization, DOST-MIMAROPA assisted Banana Food Products Association (BAFPRA), a group engaged in banana chips production is now trained in making banana chips that are less oily and with more appealing color.

BAFPRA was established in 2018, a group majority comprised of mothers.  It resumed its production of banana chips in the first week of February 2022 using the conventional method, after a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Women members then individually process these chips at home rendering the finished products to have varying physical properties which negatively affects market competitiveness and sustainability. The first batch of the products were sold, however, received several feedbacks from customers due to excessive oil which resulted in quick rancidity and shorter shelf life. Also, the chips are not golden-brown showing burnt pieces in every batch which turned off customers. 

To address this, the association sought assistance from DOST-MIMAROPA through its Provincial S&T Center in Oriental Mindoro. Last February 9, 2022, DOST-Oriental Mindoro responded and formed a team who conducted trail runs to identify the optimal procedure. Parameters such as temperature and cooking time were recorded and assessed for degree of desirability or palatability. After several trial runs, a standard or optimized process was arrived at.

With the new standard process, banana chips are now less oily with glossy and mouth-watering appearance. A more uniform output between batch was also observed after adhering to the concluded standard.

BAFPRA expressed its appreciation to DOST-MIMAROPA and mentioned that they are now more confident to market their products.