HAS Manual Writeshop with the owners of Kingdam of Jamadiya (Ms. Jamela Octaviana), At Your Cravings Café (Ms. Alyssa Macadato) and PSTC-Romblon FST member (Ms. Mae Angelica Famini). Experts from DOST-ITDI, Ms. Lourdes Montevirgen and Mr. Norli Aidasani were also present virtually via Zoom platform.

Two (2) food-based Muslim MSMEs from Odiongan, Romblon took part in a Halal Assurance System (HAS) Writeshop conducted by DOST-MIMAROPA last July 25-26, 2022. The writeshop was organized to assist MSMEs in drafting their HAS manual that lays out the guidelines and procedure to manage and make products Halal. The HAS manual is part of the requirements to be complied with for food establishments to be Halal-certified.

DOST-MIMAROPA tapped experts on Halal and Food Safety who gave an in-dept discussion on HAS and the parts of the HAS manual. The MSMEs were also guided to prepare their own HAS manual for specific food items— for beef and chicken shawarma offered at the Kingdom of Jamadiya, a local restaurant, and banana muffin offered at At Your Cravings Café. The experts assisted MSMEs on how to properly construct a process flow chart to adequately identify Halal Critical Control Point (HCP) which may affect the Halal integrity of the products they produce.

In addition, a Halal-certified lead auditor and a member of the Food Safety team from DOST-MIMAROPA conducted an initial Halal assessment of the two MSMEs to check the businesses’ compliance to Halal and food safety standards.

Initial Halal Inspection of At Your Cravings Café (left) and Kingdam of Jamadiya (right)

Halal is considered as a way of life for muslims. Hence, ensuring “halalness” of products especially the food they eat is considered important. With this, the MSMEs expressed their gratitude to DOST for assisting them in the road to becoming halal-certified establishments.

“Firstly, I’m a muslimah and it is Allah’s order and an essential part of our Islamic faith to eat halal foods. We’re blessed that DOST has developed this kind of program that support and helps us entrepreneurs. Because of this program we learned many things not only in halal food but also the conceptual sustainability of hygiene, sanitation, and food safety. We’re very much thankful for the support of DOST.” Said Jamela Octaviana, owner of Kingdam of Jamadiya.