To help in creating additional value for calamansi, DOST-MIMAROPA through its Provincial S&T Office in Oriental Mindoro conducted an optimization of spray-dried calamansi, wherein personnel from the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office (PAgO) were taught on the standard processes of producing the spray-dried calamansi last January 27, 2022.

Oriental Mindoro accounts for 99% of the supply of calamansi in the region and is also known as the main producer in the Philippines with 59.0% of the country’s total calamansi production or 35.48 thousand metric tons coming from MIMAROPA.

Calamansi Extract turns into calamansi powder using the spray-dryer.

The activity intends to address the consequences of oversupply of calamansi in the province, most especially during peak seasons to help farmers prevent post-harvest losses and maintain competitive prices. The spray-drying technology will allow the calamansi extract to retain its nutrients as it is converted into powder to have longer and stable shelf life.

Based on the results of the optimization trials, a batch of 20 liters of calamansi extract may produce six (6) kilograms of spray-dried calamansi. Aside from calamansi, trials on spray-dried stevia and blue ternate with lemon grass were also conducted and arrived at promising results.

The spray-drying facility was installed at the Agripreneur Incubator located within the premises of the Provincial Demo Farm in Merit, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. The SD facility aims to focus on the production of value-added calamansi and complement with the Agripreneur Incubator which was established to help agripreneurs innovate on priority commodities in the province.