CAPE aims to institute effective management strategies to improve agricultural productivity in farms. It provides assistance to farm owners who are engaged in:

  1. Aquaculture (prawn, milkfish, mudcrab, tilapia, etc.);
  2. Horticulture (vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, plantation crops, etc.);
  3. Livestock production; and
  4. Poultry production.

How to avail of the CAPE Assistance?

Interested farmers, farmer cooperatives, NGOs, and LGUs, may submit a request for assistance endorsed by the DOST Regional Office to DOST-TAPI. The request should include:

  • Background information about the farm (including hectarage);
  • Type of technical assistance needed; and
  • Expertise required.

CAPE consultancy teams may also recommend farms for inclusion in the program. Participation to the program is free of charge. However, full commitment and cooperation from farm owners are required specially in sharing relevant information with the study team.